Behind the Wheel of a Red Ford Escort


Well I have been driving now for decades, not just a few years (boy do I feel old); but the lessons my Dad taught me those many years ago have never grown old. I summarize my lessons below, hopefully they will help you on your drive (or as you teach your young-ins; done that and survived).

As we drive thru life there are many ‘things’ which can pull us from the road. Keep your eyes focused on the road. The road is your life, it is your path, your present and your future, keep your eyes on it, you will go wherever your eyes lead you, so keep your eyes on the road. Focus your life on the future, look further ahead than where you are today. What you look at for the future will dictate the path and road that you travel. Don’t just dream about it, but place yourself on that road and look further ahead than the front of the vehicle you are in. Forward looking enables forward thinking. And finally do not be distracted by the oncoming traffic of life. Many of the distractions will simply pass by if we do not focus on them. The more you focus on the distractions the further off your plan you will go and the more dangerous the results will be. Don’t get distracted.

Never lose focus on the thing that makes your heart skip a beat. Follow the passion that God has put in your heart. Have a picture, know what you are looking at and what you are looking for. Keep your focus on God.

Maintain your focus, maintain your life.See your future, then go there.

Whatever captures your eyes, directs your feet.

Assess, address, progress


Just some of the lessons my dad taught me while driving a little red Ford Escort (not a Ford Focus).

God Bless,


Behind the Wheel of a Red Ford Escort (part three)

You go where you are looking

 So I have my ‘Learners permit’, have driven out of the parking lot, learned the importance of ‘keeping my eyes on the road’; what else did I need to learn? I was set. As I steadied myself and the mass of metal on the road his wise words continued ‘look where you are going, because you go where you are looking’. I did not understand this at first, of course I am looking where I am going,  but then he gave me a simple example without me even knowing it; man he is smart.

My dad is ‘old school’ as people would say (I think I am ‘old school’ now but that is a discussion for another time), he had a difficult time with young people getting into a vehicle and the first thing they did was set the radio to the correct music station crank up the tunes and then get distracted…there were going to be no distractions for me. So when we were on a stretch of road where the possibility of loss of life, limb and accident was nil he asked me to turn the radio on. My first action was to look down to the radio; hoping it was on a music station and not talk radio. I finally found the on/off button, turned it on, and proceeded to change the station hoping to find some Air Supply or ABBA, and then I cranked up the volume . Well the car behaved in a similar manner, my one hand with firm control of the steering wheel swerved, the vehicles trajectory changed and I was quickly going where I was looking – off the road.

My dad stopped the exercise fairly quickly (his self preservation skills are massive), righted the moving projectile and explained his lesson. When I took my eyes off the road (lesson one) and looked elsewhere I ended up going elsewhere (lesson two). He then further explained that even when driving if my eyes (focus) were distracted and looking somewhere else, somewhere they should not be looking, the vehicle would be sure to follow. The vehicle goes where I am looking. Simple. Profound.

In life we have the same realizations. We go where we look. Positioning our life is not enough. We can have the right ideas, the proper motivation, the most noble of intentions, but if we are looking elsewhere we will go elsewhere. We go where we are looking.

Whatever captures your eyes, directs your feet.

Looking forward, onward, upward,